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Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv is a tourist attraction because it has it all. It has a rare combination of golden beaches and amazing gardens, rich cultural and artistic scene, breathtaking nightlife that ends only in the morning, excellent restaurants, bike/scooter for rent anywhere, wireless internet in the streets, hundred years of History and archaeology. The cafes are full of noise, laughter and conversation, the streets are filled with an atmosphere of freedom, and there is a smell of creativity in the air that manages to fulfill itself in the local theater, music and fashion scenes. Tel Aviv has a special charm like no other metropolitan area, it has everything! from the beautiful Yarkon river to the amazing Neve Tzedek neighborhood, from the modern Rothschild blvd to the authentic flea market in Jaffa, Tel Aviv has it all.

Neve Tzedek

The first Jewish neighborhood built outside the walls of Jaffa at the end of the 19th century tells the story of the cultural people in the early days of Tel Aviv. Among the picturesque streets of Neve Tzedek are hidden corners, museums and cultural institutions, a unique experience in a magical atmosphere. The small and special houses, the creativity and art of the neighborhood, and the important cultural centers like Suzanne Dallal and the Nahum Gutman Museum, give the neighborhood an atmosphere that no other region has been able to recreate. The preservation plan that was declared in the 1990s led to the renovation or reconstruction of many of the most expensive houses in the city, and to the settlement of designer shops, housewares, galleries, cafes and restaurants, mainly on Shabazi Street.

Rothschild boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard is certainly the most popular and dynamic avenue in Tel Aviv - let alone the most beautiful of them. The boulevard, which stretches from the Habimah Theater almost to the eastern edge of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, is shaded by ficus trees, benches, secret night clubs, amazing restaurants, and kiosks that serve coffee in the open air are open to visitors during the day and night. The buildings along the boulevard represent all the building styles of Tel Aviv, from eclectic to international and modern.

Tel Aviv nightlife

Tel Aviv is known as the city that never sleeps, with a vibrant and cheerful nightlife, which is one of the most fascinating you can find anywhere in the world. There is a variety of music, nigh clubs, bars and restaurants, and lots of events all over the city. Nightlife in Tel Aviv starts at eight in the evening and lasts until four in the morning. You have a selection of bars on Dizengoff street for an example, where you can order a tasty Israeli beer, a sophisticated cocktail, great food, and simply enjoy the vibrant street.

Tel Aviv beaches

Tel Aviv is a magical coastal city with 320 sunny days a year. Its golden coast stretches all along, and is a major attraction almost all year round. Many beaches have a café or a restaurant, and a beach bed & parasol for rent. Gordon beach is a vast beach right below Ben-Gurion Boulevard. It is branded as a young sporty beach with volleyball nets, water sports for rent, a large restaurant, and a swimming pool with groundwater. Hilton Beach, named after the hotel above it, hosts families, a favorite of the gay community, offers water sports for rent, and excellent waves for surfers. At its center is a large restaurant with vibrant music, tanning beds and amazing sunsets.

Gordon, Hilton & Metzitzim in the center, Geula in the south, and Hatzuk in the north of Tel Aviv, are the most recommended beaches. For families - Hilton, Metzitzim, Hatzuk and Tel Baruch. For surfers - Hilton, Hatzuk and Hama’aravi in Jaffa. Recommended beach restaurants - Frishman, Metzitzim, Hilton and Tel Baruch.

Jaffa (Yafo)

Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world and one of the most beautiful places to travel in Tel Aviv - Jaffa and in Israel in general, because of the history that lies between its streets and the rich cultural life it offers.

The port - With the closure of the port of Jaffa as a shipping port, it became a fishing port. Today the port is a historical and tourist place. You can find attractions such as guided tours, group cruises, restaurants and bars, fish market and are galleries.

The flea market - The flea market in Yafo sells various objects, clothing and furniture, both new and used. The market is crowded all year round and is a magnet for visitors, tourists and collectors. Among the shops and stands you will find old and new goods, antiques, nostalgic and scrap items.

The old city - Old Jaffa is the area where the city of Jaffa has been located throughout history. Today, ancient Jaffa is referred to as the area that was surrounded by walls during the 19th century. The complex includes the residential buildings and alleyways of Old Jaffa, the slope garden, the Pisgat Garden (Gan Abrasha) and the unforgettable Kedumim Square in the top. Not to be missed!

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